Michaela Thyberg is a skin care specialist with a background in human anatomy, biology and nutrition. She believes that healthy skin stems from a balanced internal system that is affected by environmental, emotional and lifestyle factors.

Her studies began with human biology and chemistry at PSU, and it was this background that led to an engagement in skin health along with the realisation that both spiritual and physical wellbeing are evident through our skin. In 2010 Michaela returned to San Francisco and graduated from the San Francisco School of Esthetics and Cosmetology.

She has since worked in prestigious skin care boutiques across the Bay Area, learning a myriad of techniques to become a master of her craft. She continues to study with renowned leaders of her field to further her knowledge and to keep up to date with new techniques and scientific studies.

Michaela is now working with Kristina Holey Skincare. Please contact her at to book.